Minnesota Utah permit to carry instruction courses, pistol shooting

Whether you are an experienced shooter looking to renew your permit to carry or looking to improve your own personal safety, Sand Creek Firearm Training Center will provide you with the instruction you need to maintain your safety, freedom and liberty.

National Rifle Association-certified instructor Greg Olson offers courses ranging from basic pistol training to Minnesota and Utah permit to carry classes.

Firearms Training Courses

Sand Creek Firearms currently offers the following courses: a Home Firearm Safety Class, First Steps Pistol for Beginners, Basic Pistol Shooting, Minnesota Permit to Carry, Utah Permit to Carry, Minnesota Permit Renewals, Florida Permit to Carry, and Refuse to Be a Victim Seminars.

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Date Course Location Time Fee

April 11, May 2, June 6, July 11, August 1, Sept. 5, Oct. 3, Dec. 5, 2015 aturday's

Sand Creek Firearms
Training Center
51947 Larson Road
MN, FL & Utah

Sandstone, MN

8 am - 12 pm Utah

12:30 - 7 pm MN & FL


$80 1st time
$50 renewals

March 13 Friday

Community Center 11523 South Business 53

 WI & Utah Permits

Solon springs, WI

5 pm


March 14 Saturday

Flat Creek Eatery 10290 St. Hwy 27 South WI & Utah Permits

Hayward, WI

1 pm


April 12 Sunday

AAA Sports Shop N5765 Bear Pass Lane WI & Utah Permits

Spooner, WI

2 pm


April 24, 25 & 26 Frid., Sat. & Sun.

MN Horse Expo MN State Fair Grounds Horse Barn Stalls 14, 15 & 151 1265 Snelling Avenue

St. Paul, MN

Friday 8 am - 10 pm Saturday 8 am - 10 pm Sunday 8 am - 5 pm


May 8 Friday

Tomahawk Library 300 West Lincoln Ave WI & Utah Permits

Tomahawk, WI

5 pm


May 17 Sunday

Cook's Country Connections 1953 Vermilion Drive MN, FL & Utah Permits

Cook, MN

2 pm MN & Florida 7 pm Utah

$80 1st time - $50 renew

      MN & FL

$60 Utah

June 12 Friday

City Offices 156 East 1st Street WI & Utah Permits

New Richmond, WI

5 pm


June 26 Friday

Hotel Chequamegon 101 Lakeshore Drive West WI & Utah Permits

Ashland, WI

5 pm


NRA, BCA & DNA Instructor: Gregory D. Olson

Greg has been an NRA Instructor since 2003 Sharon has been an NRA Instructor since 2013

Greg is Certified to teach Minnesota, Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa and Utah Permits to Carry Any Questions? Feel free to call 320-245-0474 or visit http://www.handgunlaw.us

For Your Convenience: Sand Creek Firearms will do Fingerprints and a Passport Quality Photo at the Class Site for $30 (needed for Utah only)

We are offering Florida permits, as well! The only way to carry in Florida with us is with a Florida permit. The state does not recognize non-resident permits to carry. Contact Greg for more information. This is a great opportunity if you travel to Florida.

Click on the course names to read a description. To register for a firearms training course, call Greg or Sharon Olson at (320) 245-0474 or email them at: sandcreekfirearms@hotmail.com

About Greg Olson

Greg is certified by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Department of Public Safety, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. He has had his permit to carry since 1994, has instructed Firearm Safety for many years, and is a life member of the NRA.

Greg's top priority is to help you learn and appreciate firearms so you will be able to use them safely and correctly.

Letter of Commendation from Utah Department of Public Safety
Letter of Commendation from Utah Department of Public Safety
Gregory D. Olson

51947 Larson Road
Sandstone, MN 55072
(320) 245-0474

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